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NEW Large Capacitance Power Supply for NCDX Discrete, with silent Ground Coupling, Ultrafast Rectifiers and on-board Gate Drive regulator [More...]

NCDX Class D Amplifier modules
Ultra low 0.0003% typ distortion High End Class D Audio Amplifier modules, with output power of 100 - 480 Watts RMS, and audio range up to 200 kHz.
High End Power Supply modules
For use with NCDX range. Featuring 35nS Ultrafast recovery 60A diodes, current free Silent GND point, 4 layer Gold Plated PCB, and integrated Gate Voltage regulator.
Neutron Star Audio Reference Clocks
Ultimate Performance series audio Clocks for upgrading sound stage precision in CD - DVD or Network players. Featuring temperature stabilized oscillator and double voltage regulation.
Neutrino Audio Reference Clock
High Performance series audio Clocks for upgrading sound stage precision in CD - DVD or Network players.
D/A Converter module
For installation in Network Players, and will improve the sound significantly through use of top-of-the-line PCM1704 24 bit chipset, and discrete analog stage.
Low Noise Power Supply module
Ultralow noise regulator dual tracking regulator, with vaiable output 0 - 15V + and -. For use with OP-AMP based Audio Electronics. See Product page for high power variants.
Ultra Wide Bandwidth Regulators
Low noise high performance voltage regulators that will replace directly industry standard 78XX and 79XX type regulators.
Discrete Audio OP-AMP's
Ultimate performance Audio OP-AMP's for upgrading any existing Audio product, for significant sound improvement, will directly replace industry leading IC OP-AMP's. Single or Dual configuration.
GOLD series is all about the Golden Age of Audio Technology. Using classic non magnetic resistors, and japanese transistors, in modern advanced circuit topology, to achieve the best sound ever!

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