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Available this September: Singularity 4

High End Class D Amplifier Modules

Singularity 4 High Speed 625W in 4 Ohm Class D Amplifier

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Singularity 4 is under development as of June 2023. There is a list of 15 updates which will be implemented in the new version.
Several are only related to sound quality, while others are functional, or will enable new options.

As usual we offer a kick starter programme, so if you plan to buy this module, you can save money by ordering and paying it now.
See here.

Each amplifier module has onboard capacitance of 2 x 24.000 uF 80V (The 80V limiting the output power in 4 Ohms to 625 Watts).
This is realised with 73 pcs. on board 680 uF capacitors in parallel, each with 22 milliOhms ESR.
The 6 layer PCB couples all these capacitors directly to the output stage on a single copper plane with less than 1 milliOhm ESR,
which gives extremely low noise at the power stage, and thus a very clean and black background on the music signal.

This low impedance cannot be accomplished by means of big capacitors connected with wire to the module. Just 10 cm. of silver wire
will have a higher ESR than the setup used on the Singularity 4.

The mechanical size of each module is 170 x 122 mm with a height of about 50 mm.

More information will follow as it becomes available, including a list of further updates over previous versions of Singularity.

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