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By Lars Clausen, Denmark since 2006.
UWB Regulator

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Neutron Star Clock incl. Cables 6.00000 MHz
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Low Noise Dual Audio Supply / Regulator

En ultrastøjsvag spændingsforsyning til brug i audio kredsløb, såsom linietrin, D/A convertere, aktive filtre osv.

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Power is critical... Without a clean and neutral power supply, even the best audio circuit will not perform it's best. If a power supply has noise on it's regulated side, that noise will progress to the audio signal. If the power source for an analog circuit has frequency dependent load impedance, this will give the power supply an unwanted influence on the sound. What good is it to use expensive opamps, and decoupling capacitors in an analog stage, if the cheap and slow 7805 or LM317 regulator on the power rail, is singing along too?

Power Supply Modules

Low Noise Audio Netdel 115/230V +/- 0 - 15V 100mA 223.21
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That's why we designed the Dual tracking supply / regulator. The Supply is with on board mains transformer, and can supply up to 100 mA on each rail. More than adequate for most CD player analog stage or line stage. The Regulator is the same board but with external transformer, and the power transistors mounted on a heatsink. In this case the transformer is not included, and thus the board is a regulator, instead of power supply.

You have the option of fixed 5V or 15V rails (+ and -), and also a variable mode, where you can adjust the output voltage from
0 to 15V (+ and -). So with this unit you have all the power supply you ever need for your critical high end audio circuit.

The noise performance is close to the thoretical minimum noise, of a semiconductor reference.

Thanks to double preregulation of the reference current source, and potential free rectification, the ripple rejection is emmense. The residual 100Hz noise is well below the noise floor of the thermal noise. So that tiny hum you always hear in the back of your MC stage or RIAA amplifier, can be gone with this power supply.

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