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Trade Conditions / e-trade info

NewClassD is a Tech Brand managed by:
Lars Clausen Technologies Ltd
Christiansgade 1
DK-7500 Holstebro
VAT no 38203940
tel +4531627823

Goods and Services provided:
Modules for Do it Yourself Audio construction, such as amplifier modules, power supply systems and reference clocks for improving CD / DVD players.

Methods of payment:

Paypal Payments

We accept paypal payment with pleasure. This is the way to do it:

1..Use the shopping basket to make your order.
2..Finalise it with the Paypal option, and submit it.
3..The total amount will show on your confirmation page.
4..You will get a confirmation e-mail, the total amount is also stated in the e-mail.
5..Pay from your paypal account to:

Be sure to use the 'paying for Goods or Services' option. Otherwise chances are your paypal transaction will not be accepted.

Your order is now in progress, we check paypal for payments matching orders in our shopping system. You cannot send other e-mail to the this account, as it only monitored by our order system. For e-mail inquiries please use:

T/T Bank transfer Payments

Prepayment: by wire or bank transfer (i.e. through your webbank using IBAN number). IBAN no: DK4998738730031220 SWIFT/BIC code: SPNODK22 Bank Name: Spar Nord Account Holder: Lars Clausen Technologies

Delivery Times: Goods are color coded in the price field, after stock availability:
Red Coded Goods are not in stock, and may take up to 4 weeks before stocked. Orders are not accepted for Red coded goods.
Yellow coded Goods are expected in stock within less than a week. Orders are accepted, and you will receive a daily update of your order status.
Green coded Goods are in stock, and will usually ship the same day or the following work day. You will get e-mail confirmation of your shipment going out.

30 day refund: Should you for any reason regret your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund of your goods value and Shipping costs. The return shipment is assumed to be your own expense. Please note your refund may take up to 10 working days to process, from the time we received your returned or unwanted product. Same rules apply for all money-back transactions.

Warranty Claim: There is a 2 year warranty claim against any defects that can be referred to fabrication error, faulty instructions, or any other defect on the product, providing that instructions have been observed and followed. The warranty is strictly limited to replacement or refund of the product, delivered by NewClassD.

Special notification for customers in Norway.
Expect your shipment to be processed by your local customs authorities, and duties and/or taxes applied. This is due to laws effective in your country. We always try to be helpful with your any inquiry, however there is nothing we can do to avoid your country adding taxes to your import.
This may also apply to modules returned to you from repair or update of crystal frequencies, software etc. When we send them back to Norway, they may be taxed again, even if you have paid tax on the same modules once. This seems pretty unfair, but again there is nothing we can do about it.

When we export outside of EU we remove EU VAT taxes from the price you have to pay to us. However your own country may add VAT to your import, if you are outside EU. This has nothing to do with us, it is due to taxation laws of your country, and we have no influence on whether a shipment is taken out for customs processing or not.

Special notification for customers in South Korea.
South Korea and EU has a free trade agreement effective from 2015. Our products are affected by this free trade agreement, and so, you will not have to pay any duties upon entry to your country. We will provide a signed shipping invoice with a official eu preferential origin declaration. It is included in the pouch of every shipment to South Korea. We can also send it to you as a pdf file if needed. When we export outside of EU we remove EU VAT taxes (25%) from the price you have to pay to us. However your own country may add VAT to your import.

Personal Data Protection GDPR.

Responsible Data Controller.
Lars Clausen Technologies Ltd. Business registration no. DK38203940.

Collection of personal data.
When you order goods we will store the following information about you:

Phone no.
E-mail address.
Payment option.
Your list of ordered items.

This information is stored in your order and invoice. We are required by law to hold this information for 5 years, after that it is destroyed. The information is stored securely on offline servers. Any personal information sent to us by online means such as e-mail will be processed according to the intended purpose, stored on offline servers, and then erased from the e-mail server for safety reasons. Our e-mail streams will - when sent in the EU - remain inside EU.

You give your explicit consent for us to store these informations about you, on the checkout page.

Sharing of your personal data with a third party.
We may share your informations with the following third parties:

Shipping Company or postal service, for the purpose of shipping your order.
Accounting software company located in Denmark, for the purpose of general accounting.
Accounting and fiscal audit company, in connection with audit of our accounting.
Danish tax authorities, in connection with audit of our accounting.

We only use a session cookie. This cookie stores your shopping basket while your are navigating on our pages. The moment you leave, the session cookie is destroyed, and erased. We may from time to time track user navigation on our website, but only for internal use. We will never share these data with any external entity, and these data will be erased after use.


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